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Twitter can be used for many different things, but if you're a business owner you may want to consider using Twitter to promote your business. Many businesses are using Twitter as a “digital word-of-mouth marketing” strategy. Businesses can use Twitter to reach out and grab new customers and grow their business not only locally but also nationally. Businesses (large and small) are using Twitter as a means of marketing. It is a convenient and useful social media tool. So log on to and get started.


Advice for Using Twitter Professionally—"How To"


Advantages and Disadvantages of a Professional Twitter account
The article "The Effects of Twitter on my Business: the Corporate Perspective" from Public Relations Tactics included comments from CEOs about how Twitter is affecting their business and the role it plays in their publicity strategies. There are advantages and disadvantages to using Twitter.
Tony Hsiesh, CEO of, doesn't see Twitter necessarily as a marketing tool but rather as a way of building "long-term branding and company culture." Twitter is effective because it allows corporate to see what clients need. They can watch trending topics to see what people are interested in any given day. Brook Lundy, the co-founder of, uses Twitter as a way to see immediately what jokes people find funny and states "We let people guide our brand through Twitter."
The CEO of Radian6, Marcel LeBrun, points out however that every employee that is on Twitter is also representing the company, even though they are on their personal accounts. This could be a potential problem working against the effectiveness of Twitter.

“Marketing Small Businesses With Twitter”
Summary By: Megan Fiala

As technology and social media continue to advance, more and more people in the business world are using it to their advantage. This article, published in the New York Times in July 2009, discusses the uses of Twitter from a marketing standpoint. It discusses the advantages of Twitter and why businesses of all kinds (especially small businesses) are using these tools each and everyday.

In this article, it discusses about how businesses are using Twitter as a “digital word-of-mouth marketing” strategy. The article gives a few examples of how some businesses are using Twitter to reach out and grab new customers and grow their business not only locally but also nationally. The article also explains why so many businesses (large and small) are using Twitter as a means of marketing and explain the advantages of this convenient and useful social media tool.



Twitter Etiquette: How to Tweet Politely
By:Andrea Schupbach

This article gives some tips on Twitter etiquette. Live tweeting may not be the best form of public service. Who is really listening? Followers may get annoyed with so many tweets in one day. The organization of conversation on Twitter is difficult, so understanding @ replies is important especially when they are overused and become confusing. This article says not to use acronyms, because spelling counts on Twitter. Be aware of where you are tweeting to make sure it is an appropriate event/time. Learn the lingo. Twitter is a spoiler, because it focuses on the current moment, so don’t reach out to this medium if you don’t want to know the end to something. Look at profiles before you become a follower. Twitter is public, so if you don’t like the implications of the situation, don’t use it.

8 Ways to Use Twitter Professionally
By: Molly Jorgenson

This article explains the effectiveness, importance, and reason for Twitter. It addresses those that do not understand the need for Twitter. It gives 8 tips to use it correctly and how it might even benefit your business. These tips include: Promoting your own blog, expanding your professional network (you can see who your coworkers are also working with by following the ‘@’), learn important news, and even creating an ad hoc back channel at conferences. This is for people who are not attending the conference, but might like to see what’s going on.

More Summaries on "Business Twitiquette":
Michelle Klobassa

"Twitter: How to Get Started Guide for Business People"

This article by CIO serves Chief information officers. They have a published magazine, which is very reputable. This article helps business professionals get started with Twitter. Some may not believe that Twitter can even be reputable or helpful for your business but this article helps professionals start out right with the right Twitter etiquette in mind.

Rules of Engagement for Journalists on Twitter

This article by Mediashift, a subprogram of PBS, tells us the rules and suggestions for Journalists to follow on Twitter. This could also be beneficial for anyone in marketing and public relations as well.

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