Myspace Security was one of the first social networking websites to come out. When first came out, it started as a social networking website for students, whether in college or in high school. It was a way for students to connect with each other, see what classes each other were in, and help with staying caught up in these classes. As Facebook started to become more and more known, it started transforming into what Myspace started as, and still is. Myspace started as a social network for anyone and everyone to look at. According to , Facebook has completely passed Myspace, popularity wise. Not only did Facebook pass Myspace in 2008, it is still growing in size. More and more people are signing up for Facebook each day.

Although Myspace and Facebook are both social networking websites, much controversy surrounds Myspace. Almost everyone has heard or read stories of children being harassed or seduced by different people on Myspace, but have we heard of this on Facebook? According to Security Focus, there have been countless times when minors have been affected by the different people on Myspace for the wrong reasons. When it comes to Facebook, the only kind of security problems are within Facebook. Within Facebook, since being on the web, there are various viruses and other problems that can affect the user's computer. With this, Facebook has teamed up with another virus protection company to help with this problem. Security News says that Facebook is teaming with McAfee to help with virus protection.

Although Myspace does have many counts against them, they are trying to redeem themselves. According to The New York Times Myspace hired attorneys to try to make Myspace safter for the people who use it. Myspace had many people who were talking with people that they shouldn't be even though they were sex offenders. Obviously, no one can know this by just talking to someone, because they would not outwardly say this. Myspace hired these attorneys to help keep down on the number of people who were harrassed by these people, or the bad media attached to these issues.

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