Google Buzz

What is Google Buzz?

Google Buzz is Google's way of breaking into the social media phenomenon. The Gmail program has been updated to incorporate social-media tools, such as photo and video sharing and status updates.

Why did Google create Google Buzz?

Google is already the most visited website, with 173 million U.S. users in December alone. Its number of users has not decreased. In fact, its up 16% from December 2008. The answer: Facebook's ability to display advertisements to a more targeted audience.

"If Google can get you to do more things in Gmail, they can sell more ads, because you've spent more time there," says Danny Sullivan, editor of the Search Engine Landblog.

Furthermore, Google Buzz asks users to input personal information (like with Facebook), which allows for advertisers to know the age, gender, location of their audience.

"Initially, Google misunderstood social media and its significance," says Greg Sterling, an analyst at Sterling Market Intelligence. "They've got the religion now and have been trying ever since to add more social utility. Social is how the Web has evolved."
Summary by Amber Caylor

*The Buzz on Google Buzz

Summary by Darla Frank. From an Ebsco Newspaper Article called "GOOGLE ADDED a social networking feature to its Gmail e-mail service this week, to take on market leader Facebook."

Gmail, being the third most used email service in the world, takes on Facebook, the world’s leading social networking site with Google Buzz. What is appealing about Google Buzz is the convenience of having email, instant messaging and networking all in one location. Buzz also integrates other social networking sites allowing users to share photos and clips from YouTube and Twitter. Additionally, Buzz will automatically include "friends" determined from frequently emailed contacts for those using Gmail accounts. This feature has caused public concerns of privacy, as these frequently emailed contacts are made public, similar to how Facebook has implemented a friends list for all users.

In the future, Google Buzz will offer Google apps that will be available both on the Internet and on mobile devices. Currently available on Buzz is an application called Mobile Maps, which can be used to find businesses and landmarks, but can also be used to find the location of people posting on Buzz, another privacy concern.

With these Google Apps, the site plans eventually to offer Buzz to businesses and universities.

How Businesses Can Use Google Buzz to Stay Connected

In this article Brian Horn explains Google Buzz advantages and how business owners can stay connected by using this site. He explains that business owners can use their smart phone to add a layer in the Google Maps application, which allows them to see all the people who are “buzzin” in their local area, allowing them to connect to potential customers in real time. Customers can leave a review, which is called a “buzz” on the business’s profile on Google Maps and businesses have the option of controlling the discussion as well.
Summary by Tara Buchheit

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