Professional Writing 2.0 Advice for Facebook

When using Facebook to market your business, determine what the focus of your Facebook page is. “Figure out your objectives first, start small and do things that help you accomplish your objectives.” Create a page “that replicates the personality of the business.” Also “engage with fans and critics” and use feedback to make the business even better.

How to Market Your Business With Facebook
Summary By: Megan Fiala

With over 300 million members, it’s no wonder why many businesses are reaching out to social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter to effectively market their business. Facebook is an easy, affordable, and effective marketing/advertising tool. It allows businesses to easily reach hundreds of people and interact with a specific target market. In this New York Times article published in November 2009, it discusses “How to Market Your Business With Facebook.”

The article provides tips and suggestions on how to use Facebook as an effective marketing tool. It makes suggestions on how to get started, how you should design your page to attract your target audience, and how to use this marketing tool effectively. It suggests to “figure out your objectives first, start small and do things that help you accomplish your objectives.” Create a page “that replicates the personality of the business.” Also use Facebook as a way to “engage with fans and critics” and use feedback to make the business even better.

Read this article to find more tips on how you can make your business more successful by using effective social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter. These social media outlets are the new way to make your business even more successful than before.

How Facebook Can Benefit Your Business
Summary By: Molly Jorgenson

This article discusses how Facebook can be a great marketing tool for small businesses. Since Facebook has had such a tremendous effect on society, it's one of the only ways for these smaller businesses to get in touch with customers and broadcast upcoming events and products. Facebook is NOT just for friends anymore!

Featured in this article is Charles Nelson, owner of a bakery known to all of the Hollywood Stars. Nelson does not have a Facebook profile, but rather a Facebook page. This is so that people can become a "fan" and learn about everything the bakery has to offer. Become a fan today!

Facebook Etiquette: Five Dos and Don'ts
Summary By:Andrea Schupbach

Balancing one's work and personal life on social media networks has become increasingly difficult. Subtle instances not only affect your online reputation but potentially your job path. A few tips have been provided on managing your Facebook to stay in line with etiquette.
1. Keep a professional/neutral profile photo.
2. Convey who you are within reason in your bibliographical sections. Use privace and default settings to control who sees what. Be protective about family and age.
3. Post content that highlights your personal interests and your professional areas of expertise. Do not spam people or post details about every minute of your life.
4. Reply to people individually rather than to the whole network unless you are sure that person wants your comments to be made public. Otherwise you turn into the person that hits 'Reply All' to an E-mail you only wanted one recipient to view.
5. Keep a polite and measured tone. No one likes inside jokes they don't understand. Sarcastic humor and anger can be dangerous in social media postings.

Building your Business through Facebook
Summary By: Jenna Guiter

The article “Guide to Facebook for Business Building” from business.com listed reasons why a business should have a professional facebook page. This article is by Mari Smith, a relationship marketing specialist. One of the more interesting reasons is facebook gets some of the top links on Google searches. This is important because when people google your topic, there is a stronger chance they will end up on your facebook page. Therefore, it is important to build your facebook is an effective manner. They suggest keeping the page updated and communicating with your fans often to keep your visibility up.

HOW TO AVOID Facebook & Twitter Disasters
Summary By: Dakota Crosswhite

In this article, Christopher Null explains what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to put on your personal Facebook account. The one important thing that this article stressed was the importance of editing your privacy settings. Null, also gives plenty of examples as to why editing these settings are important. Facebook etiquette is very important not only for the sake of your friends and personal life, but also for keeping a professional face in the workforce. Many employers check up on employees Facebook and Twitter accounts and what you say and do may affect the way you are perceived in the work area.

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