My name is Dakota Crosswhite. I am a junior Business/PR major with a minor in economics at Coe College. I am in Delta Delta Delta and am Sponsor Chair. I am on the Diving Team and Dance team and I volunteer for many orgnizations.

As far as Facebook etiquette and Social Media and the job search goes I found that many professionals and experts think that if you want to post something professional to use Twitter or LinkedIn. The articles stated that when you use sites such as Twitter or LinkedIn as a way to market yourself for jobs, you are more likely to receive positive feedback. If you use sites like Facebook, the opposite is true. Many employers use Facebook to look at pictures to see whether or not you would fit in socially with their company. Also many companies are advised to stay away from looking at Facebook due to liability. If the potential employee finds out you looked at their Facebook and were denied the job for some reason, they could sue the company for discrimination, simply for the fact that the Employer can see their sex, ethnicity, disabilities, etc.
People may also get fired from their job for posting something negative about the company, a coworker or even a boss. Many of the status’ people post on such sites may never be deleted. They still come up in search engines and people are able to see part of the status if not all of the status, even if the link is broken. Although posting statuses about your business, if done in the right way can benefit your company. If you post promotions your company is offering, job opportunities, seminars, etc. the word gets out and you may find very qualified people for the job.

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