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Marketing in a Postmodern World

Summary by John McCarthy:
In order to truly understand the marketing world today it is essential to look at the shift from modernism to the postmodernism. Consumers in the 21st century take this shift for granted; it has made the consumer accustomed to seeing symbols where ever they look. This change to postmodernism is evident everywhere today, a major thing that has resulted with this shift is the advancements made in technology. We as consumers use technology every day, making it part of our daily routine. With this advancement in technology, marketers have had to overcome many challenges in order to get their messages heard. The newest challenge being the incline in the use of social networking, this has only presented yet another space for messages to be displayed.
Marketing companies have had to hire new employees for social networking purposes because of the demand from their clients to be part of this new virtual reality. These employees create pages for companies on sites such as Twitter and Facebook. These sites are used as marketing tools to inform customers of new promotions and advances in the company. Companies themselves have also been making their own social networking sites, without using a marketing firm, to try and save money on hiring extra help. The easiness to operate these sites has made it simple for smaller companies to create their own pages. As social networking continues to grow, marketers will continue to make improvements in the way the market in this environment.

Modernism vs. Postmodernism:
The modern world was how things used to be done, it was conservative and things were done in very certain ways. In this modern world it was said that production out valued consumption and the consumer, the reversal of this idea came when the transition to a postmodern society began. These postmodern ideals dealt with the concepts of change and more acceptances to doing things differently. Within this postmodern world, marketing has changed tremendously. This article tells us that marketing has always had postmodern ways, even when modernism ruled over everything, but the advances in technology come with postmodernism and we can see the way marketers have adapted. Social networking is a big switch in marketing tactics and it all relates back to the transition by our society to postmodernism.

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